This session is completely focused on a Mom-to-be. I strive to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of this special time in each mother’s life. I’m interested in both body condition as well as – equally unique at that time – state of mind.

When: preferably in the late 7th – early 8th month, when the belly is nicely rounded.

Duration:  2-2,5 hrs.

Place:  such session can be held  either at your home or in my photo studio, where you will surely feel at ease. If the weather allows, a part of the session can be moved outdoors. Your comfort and well-being are essential, as they determine what’s going to be captured in the photographs. For the pregnancy session, the daddy and other children are welcome too. Your emotions and feelings will form an important part of the session and will be a great keepsake for you and for your child after years.

FEE: 850 zł  Mon-Fri (session on a Saturday is possible, but 20% will be added to the basic fee)

What you get:

  • 15 professionally processed and prepared for printing in the highest resolution pictures on a DVD and 20 “light” copies of the same shots for e-mailing / posting on Internet purposes – featuring my logo.
  • One 15x21cm hard copy  printed on a high quality paper in a professional lab, packed in a stylish box.
  • Dynamic multimedia presentation with music background in a private gallery on my server, available for 6 months
  • 10% discount for any future photo session

Usually 18-20 pictures are prepared to choose from. If you like to have more than 15 – additional costs 30zł/picture.

Book a session, ask for a free date or call +48 695 097 648

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