In many ways a special session. It’s a way of greeting, a starting point… After time such photographs are looked at with great sentiment… probably because these first moments are so special, so different and so transitory… Only one month later we already forget about that fragility, delicacy, and the 100% dependence… It is the transience of moments that I try to capture for you. Apart from the cute captures of delightful toddlers – I search for emotions, for the still uncut umbilical cord, which is visible in the mother’s eyes and her gesture… and the father’s pride… I always try to persuade parents to participate in the session. Believe me – your presence in the picture will make it incomparably more valuable to your little one… and that’s what it’s all about :)

Yes, this is the most difficult session for the new parents, especially for the mom… who is only days after the labor. If you dream of such keepsake – I really encourage you to mobilize :)   Each day brings enormous progress in development of a little baby! The younger the baby is the better he or she bears the session. Simply, most of them sleep through :) After completing two weeks of age a baby becomes more alert and curious, this is when they start to protest and no longer assume adorable fetal position… after two weeks baby acne may appear too and the smooth skin will cover with pimples…

This kind of session is also a great gift idea. If it’s a gift idea you are looking for, go to the section gift voucher.

When: preferably between the 5th and 10th (max 14th) day of life

Duration:  3-4 hours

Place: usually in your home, during the first days it is the most convenient place, where everything is at hand and it’s where you will feel most comfortable with your baby, if the weather is good, we can go outside to the closest park or yard; for such sessions I usually bring a few “accessories”, like blankets, scarfs, caps and for the girls hair bands or even tulle skirts :), I also have a few photographic backgrounds, which can be used during this type of session – they will help us create a mini studio in every conditions :); we mustn’t forget, though, that what’s important is the little man, not the additions…

FEE: 990 zł  Mon-Fri (session on a Saturday is possible, but 20% will be added to the basic fee)

What you get:

  • 20 professionally processed and prepared for printing in the highest resolution pictures on a DVD and 20 “light” copies of the same shots for e-mailing / posting on Internet purposes – featuring my logo.
  • One 15x21cm hard copy  printed on a high quality paper in a professional lab, packed in a stylish box.
  • One – chosen by you – shot, printed in the 30×40 cm size
  • Dynamic multimedia presentation with music background in a private gallery on my server, available for 6 months
  • 10% discount for any future photo session

Stylish photo albums or photo books can be ordered additionally. I will prepare the offer after learning your requirements.

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